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A10 Brochure

A10 Brochure

   When it comes down to trouble-free, fully automated processing of high capacity production runs, we offer you our easy-to-operate elite class. The SEALPAC A10 provides top performance due to its servo technology and is available in single and double lane construction. Depending on tray material, size and machine model, it will achieve about 160 packages with MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)! 

       The SEALPAC A10 is the heart of successful high-performance lines. The unique and quick retooling exchange system with left and right hand operating access, simple format alternation and hygienic design result in low down time. Wear-resistant gas and vacuum valves, flexible tray heights and solid stainless steel construction are other special features of our elite class. Making it extremely suitable for producers of for example fresh meat, fresh poultry, deep-frozen and convenience foods in high volumes.


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