Barrier Lidding Film


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A high barrier lidding film with medium shrink properties suitable for PE sealant, outside cut, rigid tray sealers of all types. This lighter weight structure ensures very light weight packs do not deform when sealed and with excellent gloss and antifog performance, LINtop Star PE CXO ensures your packs remain crystal clear on the shelf.


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A unique co-extruded, high barrier, adaptative, low shrink film suited to both inside and outside cut tray sealers as well as flexible and semi-flexible base web machines - one film, two solutions!     Incorporating excellent antifog performance, LINtop PE HB OSL is non laminated and provides a neat attractive pack with high gloss and transparency. It is designed to offer a thin, robust solution.

  • Drive sales through outstanding on-shelf presentation – all LINPAC barrier films have excellent anti-fog properties and exceptional transparency to show off your products at their best.

  • Eco–conscious - market leading, lowest gaugefilms meet your pack performance and lower your carbon footprint at a lower cost

  • Maximum flexibility with minimum inventory - this flexible film solution can be used for both vertical and horizontal pack display, minimising your need for multiple film structures on stock

  • Product safety and security – seal through contamination to ensure a safe and secure pack