ES-W 5500

Checkweighing machines with integrated metal detector

The modular checkweighing machines are available in combination with a metal detector. Depending on the product requirements, these checkweighers are available in different belt lengths and widths as well as with different sorting systems (flipper, catch-arm, pusher, air reject).

    Product Highlights

    • Modular design
    • Different metal detector sizes available
    • Different sorting systems (flipper, catch-arm, pusher, air reject)
    • Compact and hygienic stainless steel design
    • Tool-free belt release
    • Intuitive operation via color touch-display
    • Network connectivity
    • E-Weighing


    • 1.5 kg scale / 0.5 g
    • 3 kg scale / 1g
    • 6 kg scale / 2g
    • Metal detector