Automatic inline micro-leak detection system for packages based on CO2.


  • 100% protection against order or reputation loss
  • Non-destructive leak detection and sealed seam testing for flexible and rigid single packages or shipping cases
  • Fully automatic
  • Installation directly into the packaging line
  • Short response time
  • For single packages or whole shipping cases
  • For flexible and rigid packaging
  • Various chamber sizes
  • No calibration required
  • No need for costly Helium
  • Easy-to-use intuitive operation – no special skills required
  • User-friendly - data and process parameter entry by means of integrated PLC with touchscreen or via remote personal computer
  • Convenient data administration and evaluation for customer-oriented quality documentation
  • Remote transmission of results via Ethernet
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel housing

LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX enables the non-destructive detection of the smallest leaks, without the costly use of helium as a trace gas - directly after the packaging process. The LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX places the packages or complete shipping cases in the test chamber. If the test sample is leaking, the pressure difference will result in a gas flow from the package into the chamber and the CO2-concentration within the chamber rises. The highly sensitive sensor will pick up the changes of the CO2-concentration and thus, even smallest leaks are easily detected.


  • Reject system
  • Barcode reader
  • WLAN
Data Sheet Leak-Master MAPMAX

Data Sheet Leak-Master MAPMAX