Package leak detector based on CO2-technology


  • Non-destructive sample testing
  • Quick product change
  • Short testing time by highly sensitive CO2 sensor
  • No need for costly Helium
  • Fast change of products
  • For flexible and rigid packages
  • User-friendly – entry of data and process parameters by means of integrated keyboard or remote personal computer
  • Convenient data administration and evaluation for customer-oriented quality documentation
  • Remote transmission of results via Ethernet
  • No calibration required
  • No skilled personnel needed
  • Easy to clean splash-proof stainless steel cabinet /housing
  • Various chamber sizes
  • For sample testing of:
    • Single packages
    • Cartons
    • E2 boxes

The LEAK-MASTER® uses this CO2 as a trace gas, ensuring that the product remains entirely undamaged after testing. The LEAK-MASTER® administrates the specific settings for up to 1,200 products, as well as name, password and barcode for up to 60 users. The selection of tested products and the user log-on is controlled via touch screen or by optional barcode reader.



  • Barcode Reader with IP-protection for simple and quick user/product selection
  • wireless data transmission via WLAN (WIFI)
  • stainless steel mobile workstations for various models available
Data Sheet Leak-Master Pro 

Data Sheet Leak-Master Pro