Is your product particularly high or wide? No problem.

With TraySkin® xplus now also bulky products, such as larger pieces of meat or whole
roasts, can be skin packaged reliably in trays, even with significant protrusion. The
preformed tray provides stability to the product, therefore allowing a unique protrusion of up to 90 mm above the tray edge. Here, the TraySkin® xplus system allows for the use of flatter trays for such high products, hence providing a more economical use of consumables. The tight and transparent skin film provides a full view of the product. By being able to actually feel the contours of the product, the consumer’s positive visual impression is confirmed. TraySkin® xplus packs can be sealed trouble-free on any of SEALPAC’s A-series traysealers, after which they can be easily labelled or upgraded with a cardboard sleeve. The finished product, a well protected yet highly visible and tangible packaging solution.

The TraySkin® xplus system can be applied to numerous pack formats, from standard to
specialty, and runs with many different materials, such as PP, CPET or aluminium.