Cascades Receives The CPIA Sustainability Award

Cascades, a leader in the recovery and the manufacturing of green packaging and tissue paper products, is pleased to announce that its line of UltratillTM products was selected by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association as the recipient of the CPIA Sustainability Award . This prestigious award was accepted by Mathieu Roberge , Products and Processes Development Manager at Cascades, during the CPIA Plastics Industry Leadership Awards Dinner held inToronto on June 15 th .

The Sustainability Award recognizes the leadership and level of effort invested by Cascades in order to provide green products to the food industry. Specifically designed to meet the needs of mushroom growers and packers across North America , Ultratill TM contains 80% recycled post-consumer material, while continuing to meet the stringent demands of the packaging process.

Lighter than traditional containers, Ultratill TM is solid, resistant and recyclable. Its production is based on improved manufacturing processes that require fewer raw materials, and this further contributes to reducing the product's environmental footprint. In addition, Ultratill TM reduces CO emissions by 62% during its life cycle compared to other mushroom containers made of HIPS.

"We truly appreciate this public recognition," stated Mathieu Roberge . "Developing Ultratill TM represents a major innovation enabling Cascades to provide clients with packaging whose environmental footprint has been minimized. This accomplishment has once more earned us industry recognition, which is very gratifying. We are particularly proud of the whole team and how it has demonstrated leadership in environmental performance!"