Gas Analyzer OXYBABY®

O2- and O2/CO2-gas analyzer for MAP-packages


  • Ideal for quality control (HACCP)
  • Fast and precise sample testing
  • Simple one handed operation
  • Also measures packaging pressure
  • Minimum sample gas requirement (2 ml)
  • Longer lifetime of O2 sensor versus competition
  • Large illuminated graphic display
  • High capacity data storage of up to 500 results with export port
  • Allows administration of up to 25 users and the classification of results for up to 100 product names and 50 packaging lines
  • Optional: bluetooth, barcode reader etc.

OXYBABY® is a cost effective mobile alternative to tabletop / fixed analyzers.It offers all of the benefits of modern technology quickly and easily.

OXYBABY® 6.0 is the ideal instrument for sample tests, requiring only a minimal amount of sample gas, allowing even the smallest of MAP packages to be tested. Includes measurement of the package’s internal gas pressure. Together with the exclusive OBCC software (optional), measured results can be documented, providing complete traceability (HACCP). Provide your customer with the results, ensuring that your product has the best possible packaging quality.


  • Charging device and adapter set
  • Data cable
  • CD-ROM with OBCC-Software (demo-version) and operating instructions
  • 2 spare needles
  • 2 spare filters
  • Set of 100 rubber seals
OXYBABY® M+ Data Sheet

OXYBABY® M+ Data Sheet

OXYBABY® 6.0 Data Sheet

OXYBABY® 6.0 Data Sheet


                Table-Rack, Barcode Reader, and BT Printer                  Consumables                  Can-Piercer and Aquacheck 



Windows-Software for the documentation of analysis results of OXYBABY® 6.0, OXYBABY® P 6.0, OXYBABY® Med und PA 7.0.

You can find a demo version of WITT analysis software included with your OXYBABY® or PA. Should you decide to buy the full version, you can use the OBCC (Oxybaby Control Center) to document your measured results. that way, you can offer your customers a complete documentation of your quality control, guaranteeing continued customer satisfaction.


OBCC Data Sheet

OBCC Data Sheet

  • Quality control by means of data recording and storing with date and time
  • Individual product administration of article no., lot no., product name, test data and also examiner
  • Data-export interface for further analysis of the measured data in MS EXCEL®
  • Individual product data and user management
  • Multilingual interface
  • Administration of product names
  • Options of choice: user, products, lines, measurements