Gas Analyzer PA 7.0

Compact gas analyzer for O2, CO2 or O2/CO2, various applications


Compact analyzer for monitoring protective atmospheres in food packaging and other MAP applications. For continuous analysis (inline) and also intermittent sampling via needle. A flexible analyzer to guarantee quality and increase productivity.



  • Improved touch panel operation
  • Large illuminated graphic display
  • Mini SD and mini USB port
    - Update firmware updates
    - Data transfer via mini USB
  • Minimal sample gas required for analyzing even the smallest volumes
  • Sample measuring results in seconds
  • Integrated data log of the last 500 measurements
  • Assignment of measurements to different product names, users and product lines
  • Multilingual menu guide
  • System errors or exceeding of set limits trigger an alarm or potential-free contact (e.g., to shut down machinery)
  • Splash-proof, robust housing
  • Interface for transfer of logged data


  • Handle (as pictured)
  • Separate table printer for instant documentation
PA 7.0 Data Sheet

PA 7.0 Data Sheet



  • Quality control by means of data recording and storing with date and time
  • Individual product administration of article no., lot no., product name, test data and also examiner
  • Data-export interface for further analysis of the measured data in MS EXCEL®
  • Individual product data and user management
  • Multilingual interface
  • Administration of product names
  • Options of choice: user, products, lines, measurements

Windows-Software for the documentation of analysis results of OXYBABY® 6.0, OXYBABY® P 6.0, OXYBABY® Med und PA 7.0.

OBCC Data Sheet

OBCC Data Sheet

You can find a demo version of WITT analysis software included with your OXYBABY® or PA. Should you decide to buy the full version, you can use the OBCC (Oxybaby Control Center) to document your measured results. that way, you can offer your customers a complete documentation of your quality control, guaranteeing continued customer satisfaction.