Absorbent Pads

The leader in absorbent pad manufacturing, PPI's absorbent food safety pads are available in unique sizes, colours, shapes, and absorbency designed to meet the customers' specific absorbent applications.


Processors appreciate ABSORBENT PADS for these important benefits:

  1. Enhances overall appearance of packaged fresh foods

  2. Keep perishable foods fresher and cleaner

  3. Eliminate mess in grocery carts, bags, cars, and at home by preventing juices from leaking outside of the package


  • Retail Grocery
  • Poultry Processors
  • Beef Processors
  • Seafood Processors
  • Vegetable Procesors

Retail Grocery Absorbents

Maintaining store appearance and eliminating risks are critical in ensuring a positive consumer shopping experience.

PPI has developed several smart and effective products that improve food safety while enhancing the appearance of your display case