A5 Brochure

A5 Brochure

The SEALPAC A5 has so much to offer with its compact design and complete performance. We bring you the professional approach, crucial in industrial processing even at entry-level. This unit combines all the benefits of larger models with its compact and space-saving format, and is ideally suited to enter into fully automated packaging of fresh food products

The tooling exchange system from both sides, flexible tray heights, in-house manufactured low-maintenance gas valve, servo controlled film transport for left and right hand operation and tailor-made tray transportation systems make the SEALPAC A5 a flexible solution for individual applications, whether cold or hot fill, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) or TraySkin® packaging.

Its compact design and low cost of ownership make it excellently suited for small to medium-sized companies that want to introduce fully automatic tray-sealing.


Learn more about what this machine can do for you by checking out the packaging solutions page or by getting in contact with one of our experienced sales representatives.