A7 Brochure

A7 Brochure

Today's complex production processes make flexibility your ace card more than ever. SEALPAC A7 satisfies all needs. With up to 100 packages per minute, depending on the application with MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), it is excellent for fresh products with varying production runs.

The SEALPAC A7 stands for innovative flexibility. Use it to boost your productivity. It comes with servo controlled film transport and is available in both single and double lane construction. And by using our InsideCut sealing, you will achieve optimal film usage. Our SEALPAC A7 can easily be integrated in existing production lines.

With its broad application range the SEALPAC A7 is especially suitable for demanding producers who expect flexibility of their equipment due to frequently changing products at high outputs.


Learn more about what this machine can do for you by checking out the packaging solutions page or by getting in contact with one of our experienced sales representatives.