Processor Trays


Expanded Polystyrene Foam

These trays provide the stiffness and consistency required by a packaging line. In addition to allowing for convenient and easy unstacking, they are compatible with all standard packaging equipment and over wrap film.            

Barrier Trays

This fresh protein modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system offers an optimal and extended shelf life. These high quality, lid sealable barrier trays are made with recycled PET and can be combined with our absorbent pads.                   



Cascades UltraTill containers are made from low density PETE with 80% post consumer recycled content. It meets packaging line requirements throughout food processing activities as well as current supply chains.                                   



Our line of aluminum trays have a smooth rim, which allows each tray to be hermetically heat sealed on high speed machines. Gas flushing and MAP can be incorporated into the sealing process of meal production.

Ovenable Trays

Applicable for frozen and chilled prepared meals, case-ready meat trays, bakery products and the food service industry.