Tray Sealers

The innovative technology of SEALPAC's fully automatic A-series tray sealers provides you with the highest standards in precision, flexibility and efficiency. All machines are characterized by simple operation, optimal hygiene and secure technology.

A-Series Brochure

A-Series Brochure


Packaging Solutions & Technologies

SEALPAC continuously sets new standards, particularly in fresh food applications. These solutions provide greater product safety, attractive presentation at retail, and numerous logistical advantages while ensuring optimal maturation processes, longer shelf life,  and efficient production. No matter which SEALPAC traysealer you choose, you will benefit from these innovations in every respect.


Flexibility, productivity, and effectiveness are held at the forefront of Sealpac's business. As such, their solutions are distinguished by characteristics that have rarely been achieved before - in terms of quality and freshness, with optimal opening properties, as well as in terms of hygiene and sustainability.

Sealpac is sincerely committed to the high standards applied to their technology. The very high degree of in-house production alone gives them the precise control they need over the quality of their products.