Table Top Models

Table Top Brochure

Table Top Brochure

SIPROMAC has seven tabletop vacuum packaging machines of different sizes that are ideal for small or start-up businesses with a low production output.

Sipromac tabletop vacuum packaging machines allow hotels, restaurants, grocery stores and butcher’s shops to package meat, poultry, fish, cheese and other foodstuffs impeccably, every time. In addition, these machines are well-suited for packaging pharmaceuticals, medicine or laboratory items, as well as a variety of products from the electronic and institutional sectors (printed circuit boards, cash, clothing, etc.).


Single Chamber Machines

Single Chamber Brochure

Single Chamber Brochure

Siprovac has a line of twenty-one vacuum packaging machines, five of which are single-chamber models. Developed for industrial use or to package large products, these sturdy machines have two sealing bars and a spacious chamber to significantly boost output.

The single-chamber machines are easy to clean, meaning they can be used in facilities with the most stringent hygiene standards. The pivoting wheels make it simple to move the machines from one place to another.


Double Chamber Machines

600A, 620A
Double Chamber Brochure

Double Chamber Brochure

Sipromac has six models of double-chamber vacuum packaging machines, all of which have four sealing bars and two sealing chambers. The spacious chambers can accommodate high volumes of large products.

A rear conveyor may be installed on one of these machines to unload products and transfer them to a heat shrink tunnel or production chain.

Why Should You Vacuum Pack?

  1. Increase shelf life by removing air from the package

  2. Prevent dehydration

  3. Ease of handling

  4. Protect against external contamination

Sipromac was founded in the 1980s and has been recognised in food packaging and processing for manufacturing strongly built equipment that will last for decades. Sipromac distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering high quality equipment with some of the lowest maintenance costs in the industry.